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Nordic Plast Ltd. is a recycling company that specializes in recycling LDPE film and hard plastic HDPE. Since the company’s foundation in the year 2001, the production capacity has been significantly increasing every year. Thus, Nordic Plast has become one of the leading polyethylene recycling companies in Latvia. The end product is high quality LDPE pellets and since 2010 HDPE pellets that may be used for moulding and extrusion. In year 2012, the production of PP pellets has been initiated.

Our company dedicates special attention to the recycling of waste polyethylene packaging. Polyethylene disintegrates very slowly in the environment; therefore, its recycling has a very significant impact on the environment. Responsibility for the environment lies at the core of Nordic Plast. The company’s achievements are founded on a well-considered marketing strategy as well as direct and continuous cooperation with the suppliers of waste polyethylene packaging.

Nordic Plast takes great care to constantly expand its market. Currently ¼ of the company’s production remains in the Latvian market while the bulk of the produced materials is sold to a range of countries in Europe. The company is constantly modernizing its production technologies. We offer competitive prices and pay special attention to the needs of our frequent clients. We deeply care about the quality of our products.

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