LDPE, HDPE and PP waste raw materials

Quality demands for raw materials

So that Nordic Plast was able to recycle raw material into a qualitative end-product, the raw material suppliers should observe the following demands:

  • Raw material needs to be separated accurately – clean from the admixtures of paper, plastic bottles and other materials.
  • Films need to be separated by colour and be compressed – natural and coloured film needs to be separated, which significantly eases recycling as it is not necessary to re-sort the material manually.

Nordic Plast mainly recycles film collected in Latvia; however, to maintain the production capacity, approximately 30 percent of the raw materials are imported from other EU countries: Estonia, Lithuania. The main raw material suppliers are waste management companies that collect and sort waste.



We recycle transparent and coloured LDPE film.

We recycle different HDPE (hard plastic) products, for example, cans of different detergents and windshield washing agents, as well as PET bottle caps.

We recycle PP polypropylene bags (Big-Bags).

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