Recycling Process

To initiate the polyethylene recycling process, first the waste raw material needs to be delivered to the separate waste collection containers for plastic. Then the packaging is transported to a waste sorting site. The waste management companies sort the film according to the type of material and colour as well as compress it into bales. Only after this preparation process the waste polyethylene raw material can be delivered to Nordic Plast for recycling. Nordic Plast receives raw material not only from suppliers in Latvia but also from other EU Member States such as Estonia and Lithuania.

At the Nordic Plast recycling plant the polyethylene film is re-sorted, washed, ground and dried. Afterwards, polyethylene flakes are recast into pellets. The pellets are packed in large sacks and sold to producers of plastic ware. Recycled plastic is used to produce not only new film but also for a range of other applications, e.g. for the production of watering-pots, bowls and other useful plastic products.

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