Waste Recycling

For Individuals

We urge people to support the recycling of waste raw materials and sort polyethylene packaging accumulated as household waste. Sorted polyethylene bags and film can be disposed of in separate waste collection containers or delivered to separate waste sorting sites.

You can find the addresses of separate collection sites on the Latvijas Zaļais punkts’ Map of waste sorting locations.  Waste management companies will take care of transporting the sorted polyethylene packaging to Nordic Plast for recycling.

For Companies

Companies that have accumulated a larger amount of waste polyethylene are invited to contact Nordic Plast Ltd.’s cooperation partner Eco Baltia vide Ltd.

Eco Baltia vide Ltd. will ensure that the waste polyethylene packaging is transported to the Nordic Plast recycling plant.

Ltd „Eco Baltia vide” 
Ph.:  8717; +371 67 799 999
Getliņu str. 5, Rumbula, Stopiņu novads, Latvia


Contacts title

Phone: +371 25726502

Eco Baltija group. Read more www.ecobaltija.lv