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“Nordic Plast” nominated as one of the finalists for the “Plastics Industry Awards 2023”

“SIA Nordic Plast,” a polymer recycling company and part of the largest environmental resource management and recycling company group in the Baltics  –  Eco Baltia, has been nominated as one of the finalists for the “Plastics Industry Awards 2023,” also known as the Plastic Industry Award. These awards have been recognizing achievements of various companies and individuals in the production, recycling, innovation, and other areas related to plastic manufacturing for 22 years.

“Nordic Plast” has been nominated in the “Material Innovation Award” category, where three finalists have been selected. In total, more than 70 finalists have been nominated across the 14 categories of the “Plastics Industry Awards 2023.”

The company has received the nomination for the development of a unique and unprecedented material. With the specially created technology by “Nordic Plast,” widely used polypropylene BigBag construction and industrial bags are recycled to produce granules for manufacturing new BigBag bags. An investment of 2.7 million euros has been made in the establishment of the new granule production line.

The obtained granules are a full-value material that can be incorporated into the production of new packaging material in up to 50% quantity. It is essential to highlight that the new packaging material, produced from recycled granules, maintains high-quality standards, meeting customer needs. The development of the new packaging product line has been carried out by “Nordic Plast’s” partner, the packaging manufacturer “Thrace Polybulk.”

“We are the first company from Latvia to be included in the list of finalists for such an award, and this is a high appreciation for a Latvian company in the European market. Our development focuses on the recycling of various polymer packaging and strengthening the industry as a whole, especially considering the high waste reduction targets set by the European Union. This requires expertise, keeping up with the latest market trends and innovations to achieve not only the highest possible volume of recycled packaging but also the highest quality end product for our customers. We are pleased to receive international recognition at the finalist level, for which we are grateful to our partner, the packaging manufacturer ‘Thrace Polybulk,’” says Andris Trumars, Director of SIA Nordic Plast.

The winners of the “Plastics Industry Awards 2023” will be announced on Friday, November 17, at the Intercontinental London Park Lane Hotel in London. For more information about the award ceremony, visit