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LVS EN ISO9001:2015 – Quality management systems – Requirements (ISO 9001:2015)

LVS EN ISO 50001:2018 – Energy management systems – Requirements with guidance for use (ISO 50001:2018)

LVS EN ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental management systems – Requirements with guidance for use (ISO 14001:2015)

RecyClass – Recycling process certificate (certification compliant with EN 15343:2007)

EuCertPlast – Certificate of compliance

LVS EN ISO 14064-1 – Greenhouse gases – Part 1: Specification with guidance at the organization level for quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and removals


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EU Projects

Polymer processing park

In 2022, NORDIC PLAST Ltd implemented the project “Polymer Recycling Park of NORDIC PLAST Ltd” under the 1st selection round of the measure “Promotion of Waste Recycling”, improving the existing production line. The project aims to achieve a higher productivity of 12 026 tonnes of recycled material per year.