High quality raw material

Product quality is ensured by an optical sorting line that automatically separates the LDPE film or polypropylene to be recycled from unwanted contaminants.

Recycling of waste raw materials

We urge people to support the recycling of waste raw materials and sort polyethylene packaging accumulated as household waste.

Use of LDPE and PP pellets

Global demand for recycled materials is steadily growing, which shows that we are basically moving in the right direction and have started to think about the future of our planet. Nordic Plast is part of this circular economy mechanism and sells 95% of its products in the European and Asian markets.

Our end products can be used in the production of various parts, household items, furniture, straps, crates and pallets. Also for blowing film, producing garbage and shopping bags and other film products.

Our new product – service PP Q1, which in turn can be used in the production of new large bags.