Closed Loop Recycling

We welcome collaborations with companies interested in recycling their plastic products for reuse.

Let us help you become a part of the circular economy

In today’s landscape, transitioning to the circular economy isn’t just an option—it’s a vital step forward. By reducing waste and adopting responsible practices, we’re actively creating a cleaner environment and a more sustainable future. Join us in this journey and explore how our services can help you make a positive impact.

Plastic waste is separated & recycled
Raw material is used for new products
Recycled raw material is produced

Commitment to Innovation

As part of the environmental management system, Nordic Plast continuously innovates its production processes. We are committed to creating new products and services that significantly contribute to our collective mission of saving our planet from being overwhelmed by waste.

Leading in Polypropylene Recycling

As the largest polypropylene recycler in the Baltic region, Nordic Plast focuses on big bags (bulk bags), which are the primary raw material for producing recycled polypropylene.

Closed Loop

Recycled Polypropylene

This innovation challenges the previous belief that only virgin polypropylene could be used for big bag manufacturing. In collaboration with our project partner, Thrace Polybulk AS from Norway, we have disproved this notion, and now more and more big bag manufacturers worldwide are exploring the use of recycled polypropylene for their products.

Closed loop

Recycled LDPE film

“Nordic Plast also applies the closed-loop principle to the recycling of LDPE film, in particular for the recycling of deposit packaging bags. Latvian and Lithuanian deposit packaging operators provide Nordic Plast with LDPE film bags used for the storage of returned PET bottles and tin cans. We recycle these bags into pellets, which are then used to produce new bags for the storage of returned bottles and cans.


We encourage you to contact us to co-create a second life for your products and join us in our mission for sustainability.