HDPE pellets made of waste raw materials
Waste raw materials – LDPE film and bags
Nordic Plast recycling plant is located in Olaine, Latvia
+371 25726502

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We use transparent and coloured LDPE films as well as coloured HDPE material for pellet production.

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We offer qualitative natural and dark LDPE pellets, as well as dark HDPE and grey/mixed PP pellets made of recycled waste raw materials.

Quality Control

Nordic Plast constantly improves the end products offered to its clients – LDPE pellets, HDPE pellets and PP pellets. Therefore, the company has installed a film extruder, a melt flow index tester as well as pellet mixing equipment.

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Recycling Process

Nordic Plast ensures high waste raw material quality achieved by manual re-sorting of recyclable film and HDPE material. Thus, only polyethylene film and HDPE material free from unwelcome additives is introduced into the pelletizer which consequently guarantees an end-product of high quality.

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Phone: +371 25726502

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