Polymer recycling company

Nordic Plast Ltd is a recycling company specialising in the processing of LDPE and PP materials into high-quality pellets.


Nordic Plast Ltd. is a leading recycling company in the Baltics, established in May 2000. The company recycles polyethylene (LDPE) film and polypropylene (PP) materials into raw materials (pellets) for the production of new plastic products. From 2010 to 2012, the company placed a strong focus on research and the introduction of new products into production, as well as the processing of HDPE and PP materials, which was launched alongside LDPE material production.

In 2014, Nordic Plast invested EUR 2.5 million in the production to increase production capacity. In 2022, the company initiated a collaboration with Thrace Polybulk, a manufacturer of big bag bags. As a result of this partnership, used polypropylene big bag bags are transformed into high-quality pellets at Nordic Plast’s production facility, which are then utilized to manufacture new big bags. A year later, Nordic Plast invested EUR 2.8 million in the automation of the sorting and recycling line with the aim of increasing recycling capacity by up to 30%, while increasing the company’s efficiency and competitiveness in international markets.

In spring 2024, the company relocated its operations from Olaine, where Nordic Plast has been based for over 20 years, to new premises in Jelgava, Aviācijas Street 18 G, which offers space for future development projects.


The company’s end product is high-quality LDPE and PP pellets.


Our company pays special attention to the recycling of polyethylene packaging. Polyethylene degrades very slowly in the environment, so recycling is very important. Environmental responsibility is at the heart of Nordic Plast’s values.

Our mission is to give new life to all plastic packaging. The company’s vision is to become a leading partner in the circular economy!

Nordic Plast is part of the circular economy and sells 95% of its products in the European and Asian markets.

Quality assurance

The company is constantly modernizing its production technologies. We offer competitive prices and pay special attention to the needs of our costumers. We deeply care about the quality of our products.

Work with us

We have many open positions. If you are interested in plastic recycling industry, join us!